Salsgiver, Inc. offers the following residential services. To qualify for these services you must be in a residential location.

Residential Dial-Up Salsgiver, Inc. offers quality local Internet access with no busy signals. Enter your phone number to determine if we have local access for you.
Residential DSL Need a higher speed Internet connection? Salsgiver, Inc. offers DSL in most service areas. In addition to line based DSL Salsgiver, Inc. offers a wireless service in areas where wire line is not available.
Residential VOIP If you are looking for a alternative to high priced telephone service you need to check this out.
Fiber Optic Service Fiber directly to your home. Speeds and reliability far beyond what is currently available thru traditional telephone and cable offerings.

Residential Computer Repair If you are in need of computer repair or service, we have highly trained computer repair people. Any existing customer can get these services at a dramatically discounted rate. This is a great page for resources for our users. This helpful page give you links to many different search engines, local weather, webmail and much more.