Computer Repair Services

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  • Basic Diagnostic Fee: $20
    (Waived if work is performed by us)
  • Virus/Spyware/Adware Scan and Clean: $40
  • Re-installation of Operating System: $50
  • Installation of internal hardware modem,
    including modem: $83.60
  • Installation of network card, including nic card: $30
  • Installation of other hardware: $25 plus cost of hardware, or bring in your hardware to be installed
  • Updates and patches downloaded and installed: $25
  • House call: $45 per hour, including one way travel
    (One of our technicians at your home)
  • Home networking: $45 per hour
    including one way of travel

These are just examples of popular repair offerings.
Please call or email us for a quote if you have specific
needs not listed above.